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Specializations in Number Theory and Algebra

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Date: 26-29 June 2023

Venue: Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa)

Organizers: Lior Bary-Soroker, Daniele Garzoni, Danny Neftin


Interest in specialization of polynomials and Galois groups goes back at least to the work of Hilbert on the inverse Galois problem. This theory has found an abundance of applications in Algebra, Number Theory, Group Theory, and Arithmetic Geometry.
In recent years, the area is blooming and we see striking results that open completely new horizons: The discovery of Hilbert irreducibility properties of algebraic groups, its connection with expanders and random walks, the interrelation with arithmetic-geometric properties of parametrizing varieties, and the exciting progress on the Cohen-Lenstra heuristics.
The conference aims to bring together leading experts and young researchers interested in the area. We plan to leave an abundance of free time, dedicated to informal discussions. We believe that this will encourage the transfer of ideas, techniques, and will foster new collaborations and new research directions. 

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